[NICK97] Better Logout - XF2

XF2 [NICK97] Better Logout - XF2 2.2.4

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Give users the option to logo out from all devices at once in XenForo 2.x
Thank you for your support and helping me to improve the add-ons even better than before. This version includes new features and bug fixes in some areas of the XF2 Add-on!

Full Changelog:
  • Added XenShop Branding (Disabled by default)
Full changelog:
  • Added Support [NICK97] Recently Used Device - XF2

Note: If you have already installed [NICK97] Recently Used Device - XF2 and have not updated to the newer version of the plug-in. Please make sure you have updated the never version v2.3.1 Beta 6 to use this feature!


  • XenShop [NICK97] Better Logout - XF2
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  • Fixed Setup.php file.
  • Missing xf_user column change
  • Added permission to use add-on features
  • Added ability to logout other users from ACP
  • Fix: logout all devices does not work
  • Renamed new xf_user column to follow XF add-on requirements
Thank you to @Ozzmodz and @Painbaker from https://snogssite.com/ for helping me with the development of this addon


  • XenShop [NICK97] Better Logout - XF2
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  • XenShop [NICK97] Better Logout - XF2
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  • XenShop [NICK97] Better Logout - XF2
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