[NICK97] Custom Account Details - XF2

Beta [NICK97] Custom Account Details - XF2 2.2.3

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Make your account details page look trendy with this customisation for XenForo 2.x
It may contains known bugs and incomplete functionality. We do not recommend running beta addons when you are on production site
Full Changelog(s):
  • Updated to XenForo 2.2.12
  • Forgotten to add add-on condition check if [J] Auto Complete Location if add-on is installed
Note: This will require XenForo 2.2.12 or newer for this update
Full changelog:
  • compatibility fix for XF 2.2.8
Full changelog:
  • Support Location Explain addon
  • Bug Fixed checkbox not display currently when [OzzModz] Tours and Hints when it's install
Note: If you have install [OzzModz] Tours and Hints and [NICK97] Custom Account Details addon please disable the account details to avoid any issues..!
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