[NICK97] Recently Used Device - XF2

XF2 [NICK97] Recently Used Device - XF2 2.3.6

Manage owned deivces in account settings for xenforo 2.x
Important notice(s):
  • OzzModz and Painbaker used here there utility classes to work with MaxMind API , that also used in out OzzModz add-ons. You cannot use them in other add-ons without their permission.
  • This addon cannot be used or/and sold in China 🇨🇳, Russia 🇷🇺, Hong Kong🇭🇰 and North Korea 🇰🇵 due to region restriction and human rights abuses.
  • This addon has very strict copyright protection and if anyone has already share this addon without my permission. Our stuff will filed copyright infringement notice within few days and your account will be banned permanently without refunds or exchange.
  • This add-on can not be used for any illegal sites that’s will violate our licensing agreements if found violating our licensing agreements your account will be banned without refunds or/and exchange and will be reported to police if required by law
  • If you gotten our add-ons on websites other than xen-shop.com or xenforo.com, cities-mods.com then you got them on pirated sites. If so, we suggest you remove the add-on from the server and download it from the original site. Please, support the developers and fight piracy!