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Entertainment Henry Danger: The Movie

Henry Danger: The Movie
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Title: Henry Danger: The Movie

Genre: Adventure,Action,Comedy,Family,Science Fiction

Cast: Jace Norman,Cooper Barnes,Riele Downs,Sean Ryan Fox,Ella Anderson,Michael D. Cohen,Havan Flores,Terrence Little Gardenhigh,Dana Heath,Luca Luhan,Jeffrey Nicholas Brown,Kelly Sullivan

Status: Planned

Plot: A film adaptation of the popular Nickelodeon series.

Cast Crew

    • Jace Norman

      Henry Hart/Kid Danger
    • Cooper Barnes

      Ray Manchester/Captain Man
    • Riele Downs

      Charlotte Page
    • Sean Ryan Fox

      Jasper Dunlop
    • Ella Anderson

      Piper Hart
    • Michael D. Cohen

    • Havan Flores

    • Terrence Little Gardenhigh

    • Dana Heath

    • Luca Luhan

    • Jeffrey Nicholas Brown

      Jake Hart
    • Kelly Sullivan

      Kris Hart
    • Dana Olsen (Writing)

    • Dan Schneider (Writing)

    • Christopher J. Nowak (Writing)

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