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Suggestion Live Stream Video add-on



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May 19, 2021
Los Angeles, CA, USA
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Custom XF2 add-on Request
Similar to how Facebook allows users to start a live stream, it would be a very popular feature if community members could do the same.

Here is how it could work:
On the 'Add media' page (/media/add) add an option 'live video'. (alternatively there could also be a button next to the 'Add Media' button.
Once clicked there could be a connection to the camera and live recording would start.

This would require an integration with a livestream provider like livestream.com, embed.ly, etc

Having Livestreams would quickly increase the number of videos offered in our media gallery.

More information about this suggestion: https://xenforo.com/community/threads/live-stream-video.139672/
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