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[NICK97] XFRM: Resources Icon - XF2

XF Product [NICK97] XFRM: Resources Icon - XF2 2.2.3

Modify resource icon width and height with new feature


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NICK97 submitted a new resource:

[NICK97] Resources Icon - XF2 - Modify resource icon width and height with new feature

This addon allow modify the resource icon size you wanted in XenForo 2.x

Key Feature:
  • Modify any size for resource icon
  • Can set default resource icon path when resource icon is not set
  • Support XenForo 2.0 and XenForo 2.1
Coming Soon:
  • More upcoming features...

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NICK97 updated [NICK97] XFRM: Resources Icon - XF2 with a new update entry:

Few changes and forgotten to include one bug into the last release

Full Changelog:
  • Forgotten to include the Resources icon way to big when selecting discussion tab into the build zip file
  • Increased php version to 7.2.0 from 5.4.0 in addon.json
  • Added XenForo Resources Manager requirements in addon.json
  • Renewed this add-on to [NICK97] XFRM: Resource Icon from [NICK97] Resource Icon

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